What is Belcanto Balancing?

Belcanto Balancing is a vocal system developed by Prof. Sebastian Vittucci through many years of teaching experience combined with careful evaluation and research. This system combines the bel canto traditions and the learning principles of both the Feldenkrais Method® as well as the newer bodywork system known as Spiraldynamik®.

A singer can produce his or her voice in many and various ways.  Not all of these ways are healthy for the vocal cords. Certain vocal sounds may even damage the vocal cords if continued over a longer period of time. If hoarseness, tiredness, lack of range or loss of volume is being experienced, some technical aspect is out of balance.

The human voice functions according to natural laws which should be respected if one expects to sing well for many years. Belcanto Balancing encourages the singer to discover his or her own individual natural voice and develop it according to these natural laws. If the voice is properly balanced, the vocal tone is free, resonates properly and the singer can sing all appropriate pitches with ease and without using any force or effort.

The “body instrument” is utilized in its most efficient way, allowing for an optimal body - voice connection, a free flowing of energy and the ability to be flexible at all times.