Aims of Belcanto Balancing

My aim in teaching is to assist anyone to discover their true natural singing voice and develop their individual potential to sing healthfully and expressively. The path to finding one´s own singing potential is full of wonderful satisfaction. Often a remarkable positive personality development takes place while discovering one´s true voice. The releasing of life energies through singing is experienced at very high levels.  I have witnessed the most wonderful growth changes in people as they discover their own individual vocal potential.  Several of those that I have worked with have become professional singers, winning important international singing competitions and are enjoying great professional performing careers.  I am most proud of their many wonderful and continuing successes.  The strength of the effectiveness of Belcanto Balancing has been proven again and again. .

Music is an expression of the soul and by discovering one´s own true vocal potential, one can freely express and communicate on the most profound level.

I welcome anyone who feels the urge to discover their true natural voice and develop their singing potential to experience my proven system “Belcanto Balancing”.

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